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The largest selection of bilingual (English and French) distance education programs in Canada. Envision the possibilities.

Important Dates

Laurentian Online delivers all online and distance education courses offered in partnership with our Federated Universities.

Whether it's for one course or a whole degree, we offer online education that is student–centered and challenges you to develop your independent learning skills, expand your online research capabilities, and demonstrate excellence in academic writing.  Laurentian Online offers 27 degree programs and nearly 540 courses in online and/or blended formats (online and print-based). Our offerings provide the flexibility to complete a full program of study or complement on-campus study. By enrolling online you can get ahead, keep-up, or catch-up with your studies, all on your own schedule. 

Laurentian Online provides: 

  • Online degree programs and courses
  • College to online degree pathways 
  • Opportunities to learn from anywhere in the world 
  • Admission opportunities three times a year 
  • No annual or out-of-province administrative fees for part-time learners


The following undergraduate degree programs are available fully online or through distance education.  Click on the program title, followed by "Program Details" and "Degree Options" for more information on specific degree requirements.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) 

You may also complete a General BA (3-year) with two (2) minors. For further information regarding minors please see below. 

Other undergraduate degree programs:

*The 3-year online degree is a terminal degree which does not allow you to transfer directly into the 4-year Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science.  The 4-year degree is only available on-campus and requires 1st and 2nd year courses that are not covered by the 3-year online degree. Interested in the 4-year degree? Refer to the on-campus page here for more information 

*These professional development opportunities require on-site practicums

Print vs. Online: different kinds of distance education

In an online course, everything you need is found on the D2L Brightspace platform except for your textbooks and/or select reading packages which you will need to purchase from the Laurentian Bookstore. The benefits of online courses are that they are more interactive and contain built-in communication features such as the discussion board. You can therefore connect with other students and your instructor easily.

All Laurentian Online courses are completed via a learning management system. Depending on the course, you may be required to work independently or with a group. Working online does have its challenges, but it also comes with many benefits. The majority of the Laurentian Online courses are delivered in an asynchronous format, meaning students have the flexibility to read, do coursework, and go online at their convenience rather than be at a specific place at a designated time. Assignments however will have set deadline dates throughout the semester.

Completing online courses requires self-discipline, time management, dedication, and support from family, friends, and coworkers alike. The best way to ensure success in online courses is to take advantage of the supports available to you via the online tutorials, the Laurentian Online department, and through communication with your Course Instructor and classmates.

Questions to ask yourself in order to become a successful online learner

  • Do I have the time and support required to successfully complete my online distance education course?
  • Do I have the support of my family and employer?
  • Do I have 15-20 hours a week to read, work on assignments, do research, participate in online discussions, watch videos, and study for tests?
  • Do I have a designated space that I intend to do my coursework and readings throughout my course(s)?
  • Can I arrange time off on weekends or evenings to attend my final exam or work on a major assignment?
  • Am I aware of my learning preference?

Are you…

Looking for a new career and need a degree to land an exciting job?

An undergraduate student who needs a flexible learning option other than an in-class course?

A college graduate who wants to pursue a lifelong dream of obtaining a degree?

A student from another university who is interested in completing a course on a Letter of Permission (LOP)?

A working professional looking for professional development opportunities?

A student living abroad and interested in learning from a Canadian University?