Robert Schinke

Robert Schinke

Canada Research Chair

School of Human Kinetics
F534, Fraser Auditorium Sudbury Campus


Robert Schinke, a former equestrian, competed in four North and South American Junior Championships from 1983-1987. In his last year as a junior, Robert was selected to Canada’s 1987 Pan-American Games Team, and once again as a Canadian Equestrian Team Member in 1991. In 1992, Robert began his graduate studies in Kinesiology (Ottawa University), and later earned a Doctorate in Education (University of Alberta) and completed a Post-doctoral year in Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania). In 2002 Robert joined the School of Human Kinetics at Laurentian University and became a full professor in 2010. His publications include four authored books and seventeen co-edited textbooks, including “Cultural Sport Psychology,” the “Cultural Turn in Sport Psychology,” "The Psychology of Sub-culture in Sport and Physical Activity", the "Routledge International Handbook of Sport Psychology", and "Psychology in Professional Sports and the Performing Arts” (Routledge). Robert has co-authored more than 120 peer-reviewed publications and guest co-edited the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Autumn, 2009), the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology (Autumn, 2011), the Journal of Sport and Social Issues (Autumn, 2011), Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health (Autumn, 2013), Psychology of Sport and Exercise (January, 2015), the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (2016) focused on research in developing countries, and the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action (2016) focused on contextual sport psychology. He was previously an Associate Editor for Psychology of Sport and Exercise, and the  Journal of Sport and Social Issues. He now serves as Co-editor for the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, as Editor-in-Chief for Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and as an editorial board member for Frontiers in Psychology. Robert has twice been awarded the Canadian Sport Science Research Award for Community Research resulting from his sport for development work with Indigenous youth, and a Canada Research Chair in Multicultural Sport and Physical Activity. A former AASP student representative, Robert is a former President (2014-2015) of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and he now serves as President for the International Society of Sport Psychology. Since 2000 he has worked extensively with world champion professional boxers featured on HBO, and presently, having just returned from the Rio Olympics, he is preparing the Canadian Male and Female National Boxing and Karate Teams for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Recently, one of Robert's former PhD students was awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal for her dissertation project and subsequently named the International Society of Sport Psychology's Developing Scholar Award Recipient for 2017.


  • Post Doctorate - Positive Psychology - University of Pennsylvania
  • Doctor of Education - University of Alberta
  • Masters of Human Kinetics - University of Ottawa
  • Bachelor of Social Science - University of Ottawa
  • Bachelor of Arts - University of Ottawa

Academic Appointments

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Multicultural Sport and Physical Activity since 2011

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Culturally-sensitive approaches have long been lacking among sport psychologists. They have treated all athletes based on a universal approach developed by mainstream learning institutions. The result has been a lack of understanding of the cultural identities of athletes.

Dr. Robert Schinke, Canada Research Chair in Multicultural Sport and Physical Activity, has been working with local reserves in Northern Ontario to develop culturally-relevant approaches to motivate Aboriginal athletes. Their work has uncovered the personal, coaching and community social support practices of indigenous athletes at the community and elite levels.

As a result, Schinke anticipates that more youth from diverse cultires and nationalities will remain active in Canadian sport and physical activity, offsetting such health challenges as diabetes, suicide and substance abuse.

Schinke is investigating the sport-related challenges new Canadians experience in the country’s sport system. More than 15 per cent of Canadian Olympians are immigrants, many of whom experience cultural assimilation challenges, including unfamiliar coaching practices. He is exploring how the national sport system can better understand the needs of immigrant athletes. Furthermore, his work transcends elite athletes to community sport programs, working with refugees.

The answers that Schinke provides may completely change the way we look at sport and recreation services and transform the cultural sensitivity of sport offerings in Canada and abroad. He takes his research into the field and works actively onsite at major games events, including the recent 2016 Rio Olympic Games and the forthcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Robert Schinke has been featured on the SSHRC website as the profiled researcher during August 2012 (during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games), and was the featured researcher on the CFI website during February, 2014 (during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games). He was recently (2016) identified by CFI as one of their featured 50 Infrastructure investments.


  • 2016-2020 Canada Research Chair in Multicultural Sport and Physical Activity Term Two
  • 2012 Canadian Sport Science Research Award High Performance Category (co-author)
  • 2011-2015 Canada Research Chair in Multicultural Sport and Physical Activity
  • 2010 Canadian Sport Science Research Award Community Category (first author)
  • Two-time Macleans Magazine Popular Professor
  • Four time Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Grant Recipient as PI, twice as co-applicant, and once as collaborator
  • 1991 Short Listed to Canadian Equestrian Team
  • 1987 Member of Pan American Games - Candian Equestrian Team


Graduate / Post-Graduate Courses:         

2007-17  Masters of Human Kinetics Qualitative Research Methods (PHED-5136

2009       Interdisciplinary PhD Northern and Rural Health Research Seminars (IRNH-6057)

2008       Interdisciplinary PhD Northern and Rural Health Research Seminars (IRNH-6056)

2006       Special Topics in Human Development – Cultural Sport Psychology

               Under-Graduate Courses:

2011-17  Sport Psychology Internship (PHED-4996: two semesters)

2009       Special Topics in Sport Psychology – Cultural Diversity (PHED-4707: one semester)

2007       Special Topics in Sport Psychology – Cultural Diversity (PHED-4707: one semester)

2006-07  Sport Psychology Internship (PHED-4996: one semester)

2004-06  RTS Funded by SSHRC (full year course equivalent)

2004       Special Topics – Conflict Resolution (PHED-3996: one semester)

2003       Motivational Psychology (PSYC-2707: one semester)

2003       Activity Course – Badminton (PHED-2229: one semester)

2002-09  Mental Training in Sport Psychology (PHED-3406: one semester)

2002-06  Social Psychology (PSYC-3805: full year)

2002-04  Sport Psychology Internship (PHED-4996 full year)