Ebrahim Mazaheri-Khorzani

Ebrahim Mazaheri-Khorzani

Associate Professor

Department of Marketing and Management
, Barrie Administration Office


Dr. Mazaheri received his Ph.D. in Marketing at John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) and joined Laurentian University in 2010. Dr. Mazaheri holds a bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering, a general management certificate, and a M.Sc. in Management with specialization in Marketing from University of Lethbridge. His primary research interest is online consumer behaviour and social media marketing. In particular, his research examines influences of consumers' emotions and website atmospheric cues on consumers' behavioural and intentional variables in different product categories and cultures. Dr. Mazaheri has presented his work at internationally renowned academic conferences such as ACR, AMA, and ASAC. His publications appeared in the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.


  • Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing) - Concordia University
  • M.Sc. in Management (Marketing) - The University of Lethbridge
  • Certificate (General Management) - The University of Lethbridge
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgy) - Amir Kabir University of Technology

Academic Appointments

Lecturer, Laurentian University, July 2010

Assistant Professor, Laurentian University, July 2011

Associate Professor, Laurentian University, July 2016

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Dr. Mazaheri's research mainly focuses on online consumer behavior and social media marketing. 


  • Collaborator in a 4-year FQRSC Research Grant ($178,732) - 2015 to 2019
  • CGA Research Fund ($7,000) - April 2015
  • CGA Research Fund ($7,000) - April 2014
  • CGA Research Fund ($7,000) - April 2013
  • CGA Research Fund ($8,000) - April 2012
  • CGA Research Fund ($10,000) - April 2011


Undergraduate Level:

- Marketing Concepts  (ADMN 3126 - COMM 2036)

- Marketing for Managers (ADMN 3127 - COMM 2037)

- Marketing Research (COMM 4316)

- Consumer Behaviour (COMM 4327)

- Marketing Management (COMM 2035)

MBA Level:

- Marketing Management (COMM 5306 and COMM 5037)

- Digital Marketing (COMM 6016)

- Marketing Research (COMM 6017)

- Research Methods in Management (COMM 6915)


Peer Reviewd Journals:

  • Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., and Laroche, M (forthcoming)  “Creating the Right Customer Experience Online: The Role of Culture” Journal of Marketing Communications
  • Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., and Laroche, M (2015) “How Would the E-retailer’s Website Personality Impacts Customers’ Reactions towards the Site?” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 23(4), 388-401.  
  • Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., and Laroche, M (2015) “Shopping Online for Goods vs Services: Where Do Experiential Features Help More?”, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39 (2), 172-179.
  • Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., and Laroche, M (2014)“Improving Customer Involvement in the e-Shopping Process through Experiential Marketing”, Service Industries Journal, 34(11), 885-900.
  • Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., and Laroche, M (2014) “How Customers Respond to the Assistive Intent of an E-retailer?”, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 42(5), 369-389.
  • Mazaheri, E., Richard, M.O., Laroche, M., and Ueltschy, L. (2014,) “The Influence of Culture, Emotions, Intangibility, and Atmosperic Cues on Online Behavior” Journal of Business Research, 67, 253-259.
  • Shobeiri, S., Laroche, M., and  Mazaheri, E. (2013) “Shaping E-retailer’s Website Personality: The importance of Experiential Marketing” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 20(1), 102-110.
  • Mazaheri, E., Richard, M.O. and Laroche, M. (2013) “The Role of Emotions in Online Customer Behavior: A Comparison of Search, Experience, and Credence Services,” Journal of Services Marketing, 26(7), 535-550.
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