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Dominique Gagnon

Dominique Gagnon

Assistant Professor

School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences


Following my graduation from Laurentian University in Outdoor Adventure Leadership in 2005, I went to the University of Manitoba in the Laboratory of Environmental Medicine and subsequently to Finland, at the University of Jyväskylä in the Department of Biology of Physical Activity, to study the effects of environmental stress on the human body during rest and exercise.  My current research at Laurentian aims at examining how thermal changes influence oxygen availability and extraction, metabolism, and mitochdonrial signalling in muscles during exercise.  My research is closely tied to my teaching in the School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences with Exercise Physiology PHED 3126 and Environmental Physiology PHED 3051. 

I currently accept students at the Masters and PhD level.


University of Jyväskylä (Ph.D.) 2014

University of Manitoba (M.Sc.) 2009

Laurentian University (B.P.H.E.: Outdoor Adventure leadership) 2005

Academic Appointments

Senior Researcher - July 2019 to July 2021

Center for Research in Occupational Safety and Health

Assistant Professor - July 2015 to present

Laurentian University, School of Human Kinetics

Post-Doctoral Researcher - July 2014 to June 2015

University of Oulu, Institute of Biomedicine

On The Web


My main research aims at investigating the thermal influences governing oxygen delivery and extraction on skeletal muscle metabolism during exercise (NSERC funded).  I am also interested into whole-body metabolism during environmental stress and exercise.  Additional research interests include energy metabolism and bioenergetics in healthy and diseased populations, immuno-endocrine, metabolic and oxidative responses following acute and long-term strenuousphysical loading


NSERC Discovery Award (2016-2021) Thermoregulatory influences governing oxygen delivery and extraction on skeletal muscle metabolism during exercise


PHED 2507 Physiology II

PHED 3126 Exercise Physiology

PHED 4006 Fitness Evaluation and Presciption

PHED 4707 Environmental Physiology



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